New Website

Trough the last days i’ve been busy working on the website for my creative works:

I hope I will find more time to post on here again…


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Weekend Vibes

Massada Entrance

Photo: Massada Centre Entrance, Dead Sea

Israel is a place full of music and culture from all around the world. To describe Israel i like to use the word ‘goulash’A delicious mix of many different flavors. Your chance to get a little view inside the alternative israeli music scene is this radio show from IDC Radio International

Shabbat Shalom

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How I Found Myself On TV

screenshot: Channel10

That awesome moment when your photography appears on TV.

Who would have guessed that I was on TV last year? 
Behind the Scenes
Well, not really! In early 2013 i was walking around Jerusalem with a Nikon F100 and ran into a filmset. One of the camera operators pointed at my camera and asked me what lens I was using (Nikkor 50mm f1.8D). Typical way for geeks like us to show off our knowledge… They invited me to stay with them and i got asked if i want to photograph the actors in the end of the day and so I did. I had no idea that my pictures will be shown on TV at this point. I took part on two production days of this TV Show named “Hostages” (Later in 3013 CBS made its own version of this story and the original Hebrew show got sold to BBC)

Now after almost a year I found my pictures on TV.  How cool is that?

Want to see more of my photography? >click here<

© Simon Groneberg

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German Post: Mit Nazis reden

Zitat Wiglav Droste:
Das deutsche Volk hat die moralische Verpflichtung auszusterben, und zwar subito. Jeder Pole, Russe, Jude, Franzose, Schwarzafrikaner usw. hat genauso viele Rechte, auf >deutschem Boden<, von dem gesprochen wird, als sei er heilig und gebenedeit, zu leben wie irgendein Deutscher – wenn nicht sogar noch mehr.“
  Wiglav Droste formuliert gerne überspitzt. Und als Satiriker darf man das sehr gerne tun:

“Wer vom Lager für andere träumt, darf gerne selbst hinein”

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Hadag Nahash

Hadag Nahash is by far my favorite band from Jerusalem… Good vibes all day long!

The first time I heard this band I was watching this comedy movie called “You don’t mess with the Zohan”

Very entertaining music with the special bit of craziness

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Iran: Hezbollah Can Strike Any Point In Israel

The nuclear deal is finally reached now we are save and Israel can stop its propaganda against the free democratic Iranian nation. – most of the press just a few weeks ago

Before the deal in Genve Iran was hate speaking against Israel as it continues today.

Rouhani about Israel: old wound that should be removed

Read the article here

It is no secret that Iran supports terror groups in Gaza, Lebanon & Syria

A senior Iranian Revolutionary Guard Commander said Saturday that Hezbollah in Lebanon has upgraded its capabilities in recent years and is now able to carry out pinpoint missile strikes on targets throughout Israel.

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Summer Memories

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