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New Website

Trough the last days i’ve been busy working on the website for my creative works: I hope I will find more time to post on here again… // Advertisements

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Iran: Hezbollah Can Strike Any Point In Israel

The nuclear deal is finally reached now we are save and Israel can stop its propaganda against the free democratic Iranian nation. – most of the press just a few weeks ago Before the deal in Genve Iran was hate

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I was interviewed by Holger Klein at his Podcast format. Because this interview was made in german I will write the rest of this post also in german. Auf das Interview mit Holgi habe ich mich sehr gefreut. Ein großes

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New Flickr

You don’t take a photograph, you make it. – Ansel Adams I made a flickr account to share my photographs with you! In the future i plan to find a way to auto post my flickr medaia to this blog!

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Flashback: 15 Seconds To Hide

Tel Aviv like you haven’t seen before don’t want to see ever again: Late Summer 2012: Rockets are raining over Israel. Usually they don’t fly this far but this time some of the 2,257 rockets flew longer than usual and another ‘red line’

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News From Meshuggestan

This blog is the attempt to have some kind of digital diary about me, my adventures, my time in Israel and about Israel itself.

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