Ariel Sharon Dies at 85

Picture: Ariel Sharon at the Kotel

Former Israeli PM and national hero Ariel Sharon dies at 85.

Ariel Sharon was a charismatic and extremely polarizing person and politician thats qualities are needed so bad in times like these. He was known as a famous hardliner wich turned in to the PM that took down the Settlements at Gaza in 2005.

I believe that Jews and Arabs can live together. It’s not an easy thing but I believe we can reach an agreement. I don’t want to pretend about talking to Arabs because I meet Arabs, here and on our farm at home. I would like to very careful not to pretend but I think I am one of the only ones here at the present time that will have the power and the strength to tell the citizens of Israel what they have to do and to make compromises and painful compromises, to look into their eyes and say that.”
– November 5, 2002

This news are hitting Israel with huge sorrow the international echo of the ‘breaking news’ alerts shows how outstanding/polarizing this character was.

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Crime and Punishment in the Gaza Strip

“I wish that Hamas didn’t win the elections”

Very interesting documenary by VICE about an inside view into Gaza. 

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I was interviewed by Holger Klein at his Podcast format. Because this interview was made in german I will write the rest of this post also in german.

Auf das Interview mit Holgi habe ich mich sehr gefreut.

Ein großes Thema relativ unvorbereitet in eineinhalb Stunden zu quetschen ist allein schon eine kleine Herausforderung. Wenn man dann auch noch in einer Sprache spricht die in der man nicht mehr denkt, wird man jeden Boris Becker in der ‘ähm’-Rate überbieten können. Ich hatte trotz Nervosität und Wort & Zahlenverwirrung eine super Zeit.


Hier noch ein paar Links aka Shownotes

Antisemitismus in Deutschland, Landwirtschaft in IsraelThe Hindawi Affair, 12000 2,257 Raketen in 2012, Menschenrechte in den Palästinenser gebieten, Mordanschlag auf Israelischen Soldaten,  Anschlag auf einen Bus in Tel Aviv, what to see in Israel,

Note: Ich werde auf Anfrage diese Liste weiter vervollständigen

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New Flickr

You don’t take a photograph, you make it. – Ansel Adams

I made a flickr account to share my photographs with you!
In the future i plan to find a way to auto post my flickr medaia to this blog!

Shabbat Shalom

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Flashback: 15 Seconds To Hide

Tel Aviv like you haven’t seen before don’t want to see ever again:

Late Summer 2012: Rockets are raining over Israel. Usually they don’t fly this far but this time some of the 2,257 rockets flew longer than usual and another ‘red line’ was crossed and caused ‘Operation Pillar of Defense‘ in November 2012

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News From Meshuggestan

This blog is the attempt to have some kind of digital diary about me, my adventures, my time in Israel and about Israel itself.

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